Mailing Solutions


At Kelley Imaging, we know that mailing solutions cover more than just paper and envelopes. We look at everything from physical mail to packages to digital distribution and we consider how best to provide these services so costs are lowered and efficiencies maximized.

Mailing solutions are about ensuring that you can connect with your clients – and vice versa – in a way that creates more business.

Other companies sell mail machines. We provide mailing solutions.

Profitable Partnerships

One of the main reasons our mailing solutions have been so successful is because of our partnerships with Pitney Bowes, Formax, Satori, and other leading manufacturers in the mail equipment marketplace.

We know that a single manufacturer doesn’t always have every solution a client needs. By partnering with the best names in this industry, we can create customized solutions that meet your company’s unique needs.


Optimize Your Workflow


Unrivaled Customer Service

When you have Kelley Imaging in your corner, you’ll benefit from a mailing division leadership team with more than 50 years of experience providing solutions to companies of all sizes and with all kinds of mailing and distribution needs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

So despite the fact that we have partnerships with major national brands, we can provide the type of customer service and support you’d expect from a local supplier.

This means all of our customers benefit from:

  • Onsite servicing
  • Real people answering the phones
  • Stocked parts and supplies
  • Loaner equipment that keeps business going

Ask anyone of our clients and they’ll tell you that it’s these types of services that make all the difference. Since most organizations only have one mail system, inserter, and/or shipping system, it’s vital that they have our help to ensure they’re always able to send out their statements, invoices, and products.

Mailing Solution Services

Our commitment to meeting our clients’ every mailing challenge is supported by the below services.


Postage MetersPostage Meters and SaaS-Based Postage Solutions
We love recommending Pitney Bowes solutions. The company has been especially responsive to the United States Postal Service’s many changes over the last decade. This is a credential that cannot be overstated. There will most likely be plenty more changes occurring in the coming years. Companies that rely on Pitney Bowes can rest assured they’ll be ready for them.

Of course, their products and services are amazing, as well. For example, their mail machine can be leveraged as a fully-capable printer for marketing purposes, something you won’t find with other manufacturers. Their SaaS-based Send Pro and postage machines work for mail, UPS, and FedEx.

By acquiring your Pitney Bowes equipment through Kelley Imaging, you’ll always have us for any support or service needs.


foldersFolders and Folder Inserters
We represent both of the major tabletop folder insert manufacturers in the U.S., so we understand their differences and know which will work best depending on your company’s unique needs.


SavingsPostage Savings
If your company depends on mail to do business, postage probably represents significant overhead. Let Kelley Imaging show you where that can be reduced and how to take advantage of these opportunities.


Digital ConversionDigital Conversion and Delivery
For most companies, the process of sending invoices and statements can be greatly improved – and made much more affordable – by simply asking clients how they prefer to receive these important communications.

Some will choose mail. Others will choose digital options.

However, many organizations find that it’s expensive to accommodate these preferences, so they never do.

Fortunately, we offer simple server and SaaS-based solutions that make it easy to communicate with each of your clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Even if a client requests hardcopies through the mail, there are numerous options for postage savings and discounts.


Multi-CarrierMulti-Carrier Parcel Carrier Processing
UPS, USPS, and FedEx all offer parcel shipping options that work best depending on:

  • What you’re sending
  • Where you’re sending it
  • When you need it to get there

Each of these carriers provides access to software and web-based processing, but these services don’t allow for comparisons between the three companies. That’s why most businesses just choose a carrier and stick with it.

If you’ve found yourself doing the same and ship more than 20 parcels a day, you’ll love our multi-carrier platform that does all the comparisons for you. We’ll carry out an analysis and help eliminate any ancillary costs that UPS and FedEx charge.

Our software typically saves companies at least 10% on overall freight costs!


SavingsAddress/Envelope Printers and Mailing Software
Whether your company needs high-speed envelope addressing for bulk mailings, full-color envelope printing for improved marketing results and creative campaigns, or managing the USPS’ many changing requirements, Kelley Imaging has a solution.

Contact Us today and one of our mailing solutions experts will help you design a mailing solution that meets your business’ unique needs!