The insurance industry is flooded with documentation. Everything, from applications, policies, or claims, creates countless documents for the agencies that provide coverage.

Managing these documents requires certain procedures. These procedures, in turn, require the right technology.

Common Challenges Facing Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are there for their customers when they face major challenges. However, these agencies also face challenges of their own on a regular basis. Over the years, we’ve found that some of the most common reasons insurance companies have come to us for help include:

  • Data Security Risks – Given the information that insurance companies are privy to, it should come as no surprise that they are among the favorite targets of cybercriminals. A successful attack can put an entire clientele under threat of further abuse. Monetary losses and legal issues are also sure to result.
  • Regulatory Compliance – The risk of a cyber attack is just one of many reasons the entire insurance industry is under more regulations than the vast majority. Again, failing to acknowledge the demands of this aspect of the industry will result in serious legal repercussions. However, without the right technology, complying with government regulations can be unnecessary costly.
  • Inefficient Practices – Along the same lines, typical business operations require so much documentation that the associated practices can quickly produce needless overhead. These inefficient practices often exist with equipment, as well. Without investing in proper maintenance, an insurance company may soon find themselves without the machines they need to do their work.
  • Document Management Problems – Aside from producing unnecessary overhead, poor document management practices may also result in inefficient communication. Staff members struggle to find the documents they need when they need them or share these materials with third parties.

By itself, any one of these problems can hurt your company’s profitability and future outlook. If you recognize more than one of these challenges, it’s probably already happening.


Is Your Policy Paperwork No Longer Premium? Let us Help!


How Kelley Imaging Will Help Your Insurance Company

Fortunately, our company has solutions proven to be effective in the insurance industry. The following are three of the most popular we offer.

Managed Print Services


You might be surprised to learn that one of your biggest budgetary burdens exists in the paper your insurance agency prints off every single day. If you take a closer look, you’ll probably find that implementing managed print services will quickly curtail this waste and give your budget significant room. This service also ensures you never run out of printing supplies. We’ll remotely monitor your inventory and send you more before they run out.

Managed Network Services

Powerful networks are essential for modern businesses. Managing them is a huge time and monetary commitment. Leave this job to Kelley Imaging. We can manage your entire digital infrastructure or even create a brand new one for your agency. Our security experts will then get to work on implementing protective measures for your sensitive data.

Managed Document Services

There’s no reason your staff should ever be without the documents they need to effectively do their jobs. With our managed document services, they’ll be easy to store, secure, and access at a moment’s notice. In order to provide our clients with the best possible managed document solutions, we partner with major brands like:

  • DocuWare
  • Treeno Enterprise Document Management
  • ABBYY Software

Interested in Learning How We Can Help Your Insurance Company?

If you recognize that it’s time for your company to make some changes so it can overcome one or more of those aforementioned challenges, let’s talk. Contact us today and we can discuss how Kelley Imaging can help your insurance agency harness the right technology and reach its potential.