Digital Signage


Every business needs to effectively communicate with its customers if it wants to succeed.

In the digital age, it should come as no surprise that this often means using digital signage – big, bright, engaging displays that catch the eye and lock in attention.

At Kelley Imaging, we love giving our clients the ability to break through the many distractions of everyday life and engage their markets in a variety of different locations. This means using digital signage a number of creative ways, including:

  • Customized interactive displays
  • Indoor and outdoor displays
  • Interactive touch panels
  • Menu boards
  • Video walls

In order to meet the highest expectations of our customers, we use only the best technology for their digital signage needs: Toshiba Virtuoso and Sharp Aquos.


More Engaging Solutions for the Office or Classroom


Toshiba Virtuoso

If you’re looking to make a connection with your customers, the Toshiba Virtuoso provides a literal solution.

This touchscreen display is designed for high-use business environments, so your customers can walk right up to it and begin tapping, scrolling, and swiping to get the information they want.

Despite being an extremely cost-effective solution, the Toshiba Virtuoso can support any number of different display needs. Some popular examples include:

  • 3D models
  • Audio files
  • Documents
  • External data sources
  • Images
  • Individual Flash files
  • Public and private APIs
  • Videos
  • Websites

Any of these examples can come from preexisting content as well, which is one more way these kinds of powerful displays are much more affordable than they look.

Of course, if you have new content in mind, our team has had lots of success working with companies to understand the types of information they want to convey and the best possible ways to do it with these types of displays.

As you can see, Kelley Imaging has the tools your company needs to look its best where it matters most. Give us a call today to discuss your digital signage needs!