Successful construction companies rely on effective communication.

However, from the moment the very first design is made, this necessity is under threat. There are usually multiple stakeholders, countless supporting documents, and endless messages going back and forth. All the while, those in charge need to steer the project toward the stated deadline.

At Kelley Imaging, we understand the unique challenges that face construction companies and offer a number of solutions designed to help our clients overcome them.

Typical Problems That Challenge Construction Companies

Although the construction industry represents all kinds of different companies with all kinds of clientele, our experience has taught us that the vast majority of these businesses have to contend with at least one of the following challenges.

  • Specific Printing Needs – Construction companies can’t get by with traditional printing services. From blueprints to presentation materials and more, they need specific solutions.
  • Transitioning to Digital Data – The transition from paper documents to digital data can be an intimidating one, especially for construction companies that may still be getting by doing things the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, paper documents can lead to major inefficiencies.
  • Needless Overhead – Projects can quickly expand in scope with their budgets following suit. The cost of outdated practices can pile up over the course of a project, but it really becomes a problem when these processes are relied on over and over again.

Many construction companies have learned to treat these kinds of challenges as unavoidable pain points that are simply part of the business. Fortunately, Kelley Imaging can show you otherwise.


Managing Paperwork Becoming A Project of its Own?


How Kelley Imaging Serves Construction Companies

If you’re ready to begin improving your construction company’s important procedures, consider the following cost-effective solutions.

Managed Printing Services


Never let your business operations slow because you’ve run out of printer supplies. We’ll remotely monitor them and send more when necessary. Our managed print services are a cost-effective way to streamline your company’s printing without suffering from unnecessary limitations. This popular solution covers a combination of service, supply and hardware needs, and is custom-designed based on your unique business. This makes it incredibly easy to properly budget and manage your printing costs.

Managed Network Services

Does your construction company’s network empower you? If not, Kelley Imaging can change that by offering services like:

  • Cloud-Based Servers
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Hosted Exchanges
  • Cyber Security, Malware, and Virus Protection

We can even provide you with the hardware it takes to make the most of this network. The list of vendors we work with includes names like Cisco, Dell, and HP.

Document Management

Are you and your staff constantly searching for vital documents? Let us change that by introducing storage, security, and retrieval services that will ensure you’re never far from these materials. Our clients benefit because of the partnerships we have with industry leaders like:

  • DocuWare
  • ABBYY Software
  • Treeno Enterprise Document Management

Wide-Format Printing

We know that the typical 8.5” x 11” size won’t work for many of your needs. At Kelley Imaging, we can outfit your company with HP equipment that offers high-resolution prints, hard disk memory, and plenty of options for scanning. The two categories of machines we offer are the HP DesignJet and HP Pagewide. The former includes models meant for multiuser environments like the T120 Printer, T830 Multifunction Printer, and T2530 Multifunction Printer Series. The latter includes business printers, XL printers, and web presses.


Our list of reprographic services includes popular options like:

  • Engineering Blueprints
  • Laminating
  • Large Document and Digital Copies
  • Mounting
  • Plotting and Graphic Prints
  • Small Format Copies

Digital Signage

Indoor and outdoor displays can go a long way toward marketing your construction company business. Choose from numerous options for catching potential customers’ attention and keeping it. Common digital signs used for construction projects include indoor and outdoor displays, video walls, menu boards, and interactive touch panels. We use both Sharp Aquos and Toshiba Virtuoso to ensure our customers receive the best in digital signage.

Begin Improving How Your Construction Company Does Business

You know your construction company isn’t lacking in potential. Let us help you improve the way your company communicates and you’ll soon realize it. Contact us today to learn about all the ways Kelley Imaging can help your company meet its specific needs.