Auto Dealerships

There are three sounds you can always expect to hear at auto dealerships: car doors shutting, engines turning on, and paper being printed.

Even with recent technological advancements within the industry, most dealerships still rely on paper for many of their most important practices. Unfortunately, this often leads to unnecessary overhead and lost business. It doesn’t have to be that way.

3 Common Reasons Auto Dealerships Ask for Our Help

Auto dealerships face all kinds of challenges. Many of them have to do with the specific manufacturers they sell. Others have to do with the region in which they’re sold.

However, we’ve been helping auto dealerships improve their operations for years,andduring that time, have recognized some common problems that tend to impact businesses. Here are the three most common reasons dealerships come to us for help.

  • Inefficient Practices – It’s easy for outdated practices to go unchecked for years at a time. As a result, even a dealership that appears to be doing well could be doing much better with the right changes. Usually, some of the most effective changes can be made to how a dealership handles their documentation.
  • Unnecessary Waste – Similarly, inefficient practices can lead to untold amounts of waste. Unless management looks into the dealership’s printer use, this kind of problem will most likely persist indefinitely, sapping their budget of funds year after year.
  • Digital Storage – While some necessary processes may always require physical materials (e.g. contracts), that doesn’t mean auto dealerships should put off the transition to digital storage. By transferring paper documents to a digital infrastructure, this type of essential information is securely stored forever and incredibly easy to access.

These problems only compound over time. They don’t go away on their own and they won’t quit costing your dealership business until they’re addressed.

How Kelley Imaging Helps Auto Dealerships

Fortunately, Kelley Imaging is here to help. Our experience with auto dealerships hasn’t just taught us about their unique challenges. It’s also shown us what types of solutions work best for overcoming them.

Digital Signage

While all those beautiful vehicles in your lot certainly help, a big, bright digital sign will bring in a lot more potential customers. You can also use digital signage inside your dealership to provide visitors with an interactive experience and ensure they are being engaged even if your entire staff is busy.

Managed Print Services

Take charge of your dealership’s printing practice. By finally tracking the use of your printers, you’ll immediately see where waste is occurring and put an end to it. You can also have Kelley Imaging monitor your printing remotely, so we can send you supplies before you ever run out.

Managed Document Services

Begin the transition away from physical documents and start enjoying the benefits of our management document services. By partnering with industry-leading brands like Treeno, ABBYY Software, and DocuWare, we can offer our clients the software they need to implement efficient document management practices.

Managed Network Services

Whether you need a cloud-based server, email security, disaster recovery, virtualization, or just about anything in between, Kelley Imaging has the network services modern dealerships need to thrive in the digital age. Don’t have a network yet? Not a problem. We can build you a completely new one.

Are You Ready to Make Your Auto Dealership More Efficient?

It should now be clear that your auto dealership can enjoy much greater efficiency with any one of our service offerings. If you’d like to learn more about how Kelley Imaging can benefit your business, contact us today.